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Spanish Android Apps


Created and maintained  by Dr. Harry Grover Tuttle, Onondaga Community College


This  wiki lists Spanish Android Apps (160+) for your classroom.  Pay-for-apps have the price listed after the publisher, otherwise the app is free.  This Spanish Android Apps listing  does not contain every app in every category but does show the wide variety of apps available.


Unlike Android Market, AppBrain, and AndroidZoom,  these apps are  arranged by categories of  dictionary, vocabulary, grammar, culture, and  lessons. Furthermore, the apps are listed alphabetically within  each category.


As time permits,  comments regarding the android apps for Spanish will be added.




Dictionaries (Spanish android apps-alphabetical)


BK - Spanish Dictionary  Better Android Addon

Collins Spanish Dictionary TR

DAD dictionary English Spanish  D A Duarte

English Spanish Dictionary  Baris efe

English<->Spanish Dictionary   Xynotec   offline dictionary 

Español <-> Inglés Berlitz  Paragon   Spanish<->English Berlitz  17.99

English Spanish Dictionary  Bede Products 4.85

Free Dict: Spanish English  BitKnights  has offline dictionary that is downloaded

Free Spanish English Dict +   Ascendo   Spanish English Dictionary +  9.99

LL English Spanish Dictionary  Langlearner

SpanishDict  Curiosity Media  Paragon Software

Spanish Dictionary by Oxford  Handmark

Spanish - English SlovoEd   Mobile Systems     Spanish - English SlovoEd   Paragon

Spanish English Dictionary   Notes

Spanish-English Dictionary  Codesign

Spanish Explanatory SlovoEd  Paragon   Spanish-English SlovoEd  9.95   Spanish Explanatory SlovoEd  (talking) 19.95

Spanish RAE dictionary  +Q

WorldDict Spanish Free  $4BB Limited


Thesaurus  Livio

Vox Spanish Thesaurus TR (demo) Thesaurus  25,000 entries/ 128,000 synonyms or antonyms  Vox  General Spanish Language    24,99


Vocabulary (Spanish android apps-alphabetical)


5000 Spanish Flashcards & Quiz   Sagemik 1.79

English to Spanish Flashcards  Doug Hansknecht  .99

Flashcards GreenLife Apps  Flashcards Spanish Premium     1.49  not for beginners

FREE Spanish Audio FlashCards  Declan  Spanish Audio FlashCards  15.69

Learn English Spanish Bede Products  - talking flashcards

Quizz'n Spanish - Free/Ad Free   Xenotropic Software

Spanish Flashcards  B G Hohn  Go from English to Spanish

Spanish Vocab  Appulearn  flashcards

Spanish WordCards  Keradi   read word in English and see Spanish

Vocabulary/Phrases General:

¡Say Hello English -Spanish  Admovi GmbH 2.99 Euros   key phrases for topics such as Arriving, Food, Restaurants, Hotels, Money, Bargaining, Soccer and Flirting with this language course.

1Pod-Spanish Images Vocab  Sapuz Tech 4500 words with pics for learning

1000 Spanish Word Quiz & Dict   Sagemilk  1.59     2000 Spanish Word Quiz & Dict   Sagemilk 1.89

375 SPANISH ADJECTIVES Quiz   Little Apps  .99  375 adjectives flashcards and multiple choice quiz

700 SPANISH NOUNS Quiz App  Little Apps .99  700 nouns and terms

Everyday Spanish! 1001 phrases   Mobinga GMBH  2.27  Categories such as accomodations, relaxation, flirting, emergencies, food &drink, food shopping, business trip, holiday

Animals (Domesticated) SPanish for toddlers SmartBabyApplications  Has animal picture and Spanish word

AP Spanish Antonym Quiz  SageMilk   1.29  multiple choice testing

BKS English-Spanish PhraseBook   Beiks LLC  19.95  Talking phrase book

General Business Spanish  Moblinga GMBH  2.27

Keys-Spanish   Tearn Media   Shows picture, guess the animal

LangTutor - Spanish I (Full)  .99  250 Spanish words with audio quiz, spelling

LangTutor - Spanish   Langututor   quizzes on words   LanguageTutor Spanish 1 Full .99  250 useful words

Learn Spanish Free WordPower  Innovative Language Learning

Learn Spanish in 500 words   Tuinis

Learn Spanish Landforms  DigiGlyph .99   See picture and Spanish word

Learn Spanish with Pictures  Zoltan Magyar  has vocabulary in Spanish and a picture, can quiz based on picture

Listen and Learn Spanish  Innovaidiomas  2.14

MyWords - Learn Spanish  Innovative Language Learning, LLC  9.99  Master 10 Spanish Words a Day

Spanish 101    2accomplish      Study vocabulary

SpanishBook Lite   Bipmo

Spanish Dialog  MAQ software  .99  traveling Spanish   Dialogs in 6 categories: expressions, greetings, help & directions, introductions, requests & apologies, wish someone  Select English and see/hear Spanish

SpanishIdioms : Quiz and Learn   Dispig

Spanish in pictures  DragonFly   has Spanish text and pictures

Spanish Phrasebook  Lonely Planet   5.99  phrasebook in audio format

Spanish Trainer Pro  h4labs  .99 Has such categories as months, food, animals, body, colors, car, 100 common verbs

Spanish Word of the Day  Declain

Spanish Vocabulary WordSearch  Kymah LLC   .99

Spanish Vocabulary Quiz  Levitate  .99  track progress through multiple choice

SPB Spanish Cards  SPB Sofware     4.95  1000 words &65+ categories, photos for all words, track progress

Speak Spanish Free   Holfeld Apps    Speak Spanish  Holdfeld Apps 3.99

Start Spanish!  MObinga GMBH 2.27

Talk Spanish  Bhuio.com

Toddler Spanish: 100 words  Tipitap .99

Top 500 Spanish Word Quiz  Sagemilk 1.19

Spanish Food

CULINARY Terms-Eng. to Spanish   Digital Applications  1.29  620 culinary terms

English Spanish Fruit Game2  Bill Porter  10 fruits

Spanish Food Language Guide  Sagemilk

 Spanish in Pictures Food Trial  Mind Game Association    Spanish in Pictures : Food  2.12  

Spanish Vocabulary   Moblinga GMBH  500 words 

Spanish in pictures Donate   Dragonfly 1.49  Game for learning words

Spanish in Pictures Food Trial  Mind Game Association   Food

Spanish Shopping Language     2accomplish   Learn Spanish shopping words when screen is turned on.

Spanish Words Quiz: Fruits  ChrisS24   Fruits and Vegetables words with picture

Spanish Flirt & Insults

Lingopal Spanish Lingopal for Android   $1.57   Chat, flirt & insult phrases

Spanish Flirt Generator & Quiz   Sagemilk

Spanish Insult Generator &Quiz  SageMilk  .99   moderatly vulgar insults.

Spanish Jokes

Chistes   Anjokes

Best Spanish Jokes   Sati

Spanish Medical:

Medical Spanish - AUDIO (Lite)   Mavro  For Non-Spanish speakers

English<>Spanish Medical  Mobile Systems

Medical Spanish Flashcards   Grantware  2.99


Grammar (Spanish android apps-alphabetical):

1001 Spanish Verbs  A Lyczak

500 SPANISH VERBS Quiz App  Little Apps .99  500 verbs with flashcards and multiple choice quiz

Aks Spanish Verbs  akssoft  1500 Spanish Verbs conjugation

BKS English-Spanish Irr. Verbs  Beik  Dictionary of most frequently used 91 irregular verbs

Brown's Spanish Verbs  Daily Raisin 2.99  Master most important verbs

Conjugate   DiegoS  700 Verbs, conjugate in 17 tenses

Essential Spanish: Verbs   Applantation

Lang Trainer - Spanish  R Rodriquez  1.67  verbs and articles practice

ProConjugate Spanish   Panidiom  2.49

Spanish Tester Pro  Panidiom  2.99   Verb and article practice with simulated quiz questions LLC

Spanish verbs    Spanish Verbs Pro   R Muth 2.99 

Spanish Verb Trainer     R Muth   Spanish Verb Trainer Pro  2.99

Spanish Verbs Pro  Fishstix

Verbos  Kappus

Verbs en Spanish  exh   41 most common verbs


Culture (Spanish android apps):

Radio & TV

102.1 KCMT   Airkast  Spanish radio from Tucson, Az

CINeol in your Pocket  Leafsoft  biggest community of cinema in Spanish  - see trailers

Radios de España (Spain)   Androidapp   Spanish radio stations   Spanish Radio  Flying Flicks

Zona tiempo (Puerto Rico)  Radio station

Series Android  RubenGM   almost all of the videos are in Spanish or have Spanish subtitles.

La Tricolor 96.5  Sapo Communications, Inc   Denver Colorado's Top Spanish Language Radio Station,

TV 2u2 TV in Spanish  2g2x  .99  ON-demand TV shows, full length episodes

Tv by Zurera   Miguel Zurera   Spanish-language television channels online


Liga de Fútbol Profesional   Genera   Spanish Liga

Univision Fútbol   Univision  Spanish soccer info

Basket Live  Javier Collado  From Spanish Basketball Federation


AG Spanish Newspapers FREE  Agargroove   Major Spanish and Latin American newspapers  AG Spanish

Garfield Spanish   Danger Mouse   see daily Garfield in Spanish

Newspapers PRO   1.60

Chile Noticias  Daingo  Read news from Chile

México Noticias   Daingo  Major news sources in Mexico

Spanish Newspapers   Pratima Soft   El País, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, El Correo, El Economista

RT Actualidad   Nextologies Corporation


Cercanoide (Spanish Train)  The Bellota Coders  Time schedules for the Spanish train service around the main cities.

Urban Step - Madrid   ASCII 164  Madrid Bus schedule

Urban Step - Barcelona   ASCII 164   Barcelona bus schedule

Real Madrid F.C. wallpapers  Droid27  From Madrid Club


Don Quixote ( Part I )  M Huang

Don Quixote ( Part II )  M Huang

Spanish Short Stories.  GIC  1.99 huge collection of Spanish Short Stories

Wikipedia in Spanish  AndroidMob 1.00 Euro


Dichos Mexicanos  Vielmassociates Ltd   Mexican proverbs


Translation (Spanish android apps-alphabetical):

BabelFish Voice: Spanish  Vandroid

CamTranslator   Intsig  Translates signs

English Spanish Translator   Alterme  .99

English to Spanish Translator  Shoreline Animations

E2SpanishPro  NetSolvers 1.00  Translator

Spanish / English Translator  FQ Publishing  .99

Spanish English Translator  DLP Mobile   4.99   wo people to communicate instantly with each other

Spanish Phrasebook Translator  Phrasebook King  250phrases no internet needed. If internet, then translation. Categories Public transportation, common phrases, numbers and money, emergencies, hotels, dates and times, asking for directions, and others

Spanish Translator  Pleng Apps

Spanish Translator Premium  GreenLife Apps   1.99

Spanish Translate   Anttek

Spanish Translator TransZilla  Kodexo 

Talk To Me Cloud  F Negrean

Talking Translator  J Rosko  .99

Talking Spanish Translator DLW   2.99       Write and it translates and says word
Spanish OCR    KennyLi   1.99  translaes text in form o fpicture into text into any language


Spanish lessons/classes (Spanish android apps-alphabetical):

Basic Spanish For Dummies   Skava   1.99

Hello-Hello Spanish (Phone) Hello-Hello  14.99  Hello-Hello Spanish (Tablet) Tablet

Jump Into Spanish  Digi-Media-Apps    7.25

LangLearner Spanish Lessons  LangLearner

Learn To Speak Spanish   ezesource   6.43   25 video lessons on basic vocabulary

LearnSpanish  S4BB Limited .99  295 self-contained Audio lessons

Learn Spanish by Video Trial  Learn to Master     Learn Spanish by Video  Learn to Master 3.24

Learn Spanish - Lite   Maxdroid

Learn Spanish in 12 Days  Cwiggy  1.99  manual in pdf format

Learn Spanish - Qué Onda  Online Language Help 4.99  78 lessons of real life situations, 200 words & phrases

Learn Basic Spanish Easy Way!  Widemedia, LLC   9.99 

Listen and Learn Spanish LITE   Innovaidiomas

Pocket Languages  Northwind Software

Simple Spanish  Vielma Management LLC  fun game

Spanish 2 Go  Wizzard 2 Go     1.99  Survival Guide Learn to Speak Spanish - includes  interjections, physical feelings, dining out, expressing opinions, trip to beach, introductions, At the Party 

Spanish 3 BrainBites for HS  Sagemilk  1.39  For high school Level 3 classes

Spanish Anywhere  Appabove

Spanish Class   Ceardannan  2.85

Spanish For Vacation Resorts   Mobile 4Apps 3.09  For South American resorts

Spanish in a Month Free  Learn Like Kids    Spanish in a Month  has pictures  2.00

Spanish Language Trainer Basic  J Rosko  vocabulary and grammar

Spanish Plus  Ibera  1.13  Includes chapters with lessons including conversations, grammar  No internet required

SpanishPod - Learn Spanish  Praxis Language  SpanishPod - Office Spanish   Praxis  4.99  10 lessons to learn practical business Spanish

Spanish Podcast for Beginners   Wizzard Media 1.99  Learn Spanish with Maria Fernandez.

Spanish Study Guide  Mobilreference 9.99  Grammar and conversation Study Guide

Spanish Tester Lite   Panidiom  verbs and part of speech argreement.

Spanish Trainer - Lite   H4Labs

Speed Spanish  PTAJ Marketing  2.99   Speak, write and understand Spanish










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